US and China is in the race to launch 5G in coming days, India is also planning to launch 5G in 2020, are we ready for 5G or not?

At present, the whole world is using 4G cellular communication technologies, and a good number of users are still using 2G & 3G services. Now, the world is looking towards implementing 5th generation cellular communication technology, which will have approximately 10 to 20 times faster internet speeds than the present 4G technology. And it will also have low latency, which means if a sender sends the message, the receiver will receive it in less than a millisecond. At present with 4G, it takes 30-70 milliseconds for the transmission from sender to receiver. 5G has a lot of benefits, for example with much faster internet speeds and low latency, doctors can remotely perform surgeries, and also helps in developing advanced applications in various sectors. 

For the Motion-

  • In 2017, the Indian government has set up Rs. 500 crore funds for Research & Development of 5G Technology and thereby to roll out 5G by 2020, and it is also planning to auction 5G spectrum by January 2020, So the Indian government is ready for this transition. 
  • Internet users and hence the data consumption is increasing at a rapid rate in India. So, telecom companies can safely invest in 5G technology & can expect returns.
  • Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani has already said that Jio’s network is fully 5G ready & so, it is planning to roll out 5G services in India by 2020.


  • Not all telecom companies are ready for 5G yet. Vodafone, one of the biggest telecom service providers in India is not in favor of auctioning 5G spectrum in 2020. They are in the opinion that India does not need 5G services yet. 
  • Airtel is not comfortable with the current prices of 5G spectrum auction.
  • The main reason behind all these things is that the Indian telecom sector is in a huge debt of approximately 8 Lakh crore rupees as of 2019. So, telecom companies do not afford to invest in 5G technology.
  • They did not get returns on the investment they put on 4G, telecom companies faced this situation with 3G too. They could not reap the benefits of the investment they put on 3G.
  • India’s 4G internet speed is very low when compared with other countries. So, launching 5G services will face the same issue. So, we cannot say that India is ready without upgrading the infrastructure first

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