Many management students gets confused on which will be the best for their career out of PGDM or MBA, Let’s try to answer the must awaited doubt in you.

Masters of Business Administration, commonly known as MBA or Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is PGDM are the prior choice of almost all the graduates these days. But, what is the best amongst two of them, or to put it better which course is better for a students’ overall career growth.

Often students lead to the conclusion that MBA is a degree course and PGDM a diploma so MBA is better, This conclusion arises because of the taboo around the word “Diploma” which in the Indian context is not considered equivalent to a degree. But one surprising fact missed out by almost everyone is that there are major renowned colleges that are autonomous, not affiliated to any college and provide PGDM or PGP. These include top-notch colleges like the IIMs and XLRI. These institutions never offer MBA instead they offer Diplomas in Management but they are the most sought after colleges in India for management courses. These autonomous colleges have advantages of their own. Because they are not affiliated with any university they are not bound to follow any particular curriculum and therefore they remain updated with the current scenario of industries and management thus increasing the quality level of their education. Not that the universities are outdated but their curriculum is updated once every 3-5 years and with the ever-growing industries, keeping abreast with month to month changes in surrounding has become essential to keep up, Which is why autonomous colleges having a good brand name are preferred even if they offer PGDM over other MBA offering colleges. A college recognized by AIU and other affiliation boards is equivalent to MBA.

Analysis of MBA and PGDM

Comparing parameters b/w MBA/PGDMMBAPGDM
AccreditationMBA is recognized by the university as it is only offered by university and colleges affiliated to the universityPGDM is offered by many top colleges, most of which are not affiliated to university but recognized by MHRD/AIU etc
Value in MarketMBA is still valuable, but considering the MBA curriculum is only revised once in every 3-5 years, it can be concluded that MBA is outdated and thus there can be a decline in value of MBA in the corporatePGDM is highly in demand these days, PGDM is the course which is continuously developed in sync with the latest developments in the industry, there are numerous specializations put forward to be the most competitive in the growing market, thus PGDM has more value.
Jobs and PlacementMBA colleges are experiencing currently a slowdown in the average salary offered.PGDM, as it is an industry, updated and “practical learning-oriented” course, many corporate wants to hire PGDM
Knowledge/courseMBA is not updated with the latest curriculum and developments in the industry and doesn’t get revised on every advancement in the industryPGDM is thoroughly updated with the market; it is designed by keeping consideration of the latest developments in the industry and is culminated in the course.
InstitutesTop Universities such as DU, PUMBA, BHU etc offers MBATop Colleges such as IIMs, XLRIs, etc

Detailed analysis-

  • MBA is a Master’s degree and only recognized universities or colleges affiliated with such universities are allowed to offer a degree in Business Administration. Such universities follow one single curriculum designed for the course and offer other major degrees like Bachelor’s and Doctorate.
  • PGDM is a course offered by colleges that are not affiliated with recognized universities or are not authorized to offer degrees. And therefore they offer Diploma courses which in a broader view come at the same level as an MBA

MBA is university-based program whereas PGDM is an industry design Program, so MBA is not updated with the latest developments in the industry and same curriculum is followed for 3-5 years and the PGDM course is compiled by management and corporate professionals which gives the students exposure to the latest norms in the industry.

MBA is affiliated from any university while PGDM needs to be AICTE approved.

MBA involves more of theoretical knowledge whereas PGDM involves practical knowledge

Few exceptions-

  • If u doing  MBA from Delhi University, Pune University you will be having practical knowledge in their MBA program because their syllabus are getting updated every year, all the certification will be given to MBA student as PGDM student
  • But if you going for MBA Program  from VARANASI, Allahabad Lucknow Delhi Noida Ghaziabad all are giving you AKTU degree which is not giving u any practical knowledge

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